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11 Ideas to Ensure Your Art Show Runs Smoothly

Having the opportunity to put together an art show can be just as exciting as the art show itself. This is because you are able to show off your creative talent by designing the show before showing off your artist’s creative art talent.

Having an artist who employs you for your services is a big deal, so you need to ensure that everything happens according to plan. This means all of the details need to be double-checked including the purchasing of food and Italian sweet wines online.

Before you begin, you need to be familiar with the artist. By knowing their likes and dislikes, you can incorporate the right things. Also, take their age into consideration and whether they have a certain art style or medium they stick with. Knowing these details can help design the atmosphere of the show and appear attractive to attendees.

You can also incorporate a promotions budget. This will take care of any advertising or marketing that is needed prior to the show. Having a budget for these purposes will eliminate the worry of scrambling for extra cash to pay for things. So remember, it is important to plan ahead so that the costs don’t get too out of hand during the promotional phase.

Below are eleven ideas to ensure your art show runs smoothly.

1. Produce Promotional Advertising

Promotional advertising will give the audience information about the upcoming art show and the artist who is being featured. It should also include contact information and any promotional entry forms for any giveaways your artist might plan. You will want to do this step for every show, so it’s great to have this when you need it.

When setting up the artist’s promotion, you want to make sure that the artist is aware of any restrictions regarding art size, amount of pieces that can be shown, the amount of time for the show itself, and if there are any age limits.

Make sure to include any “fine print” that details any and all other legal details, such as commissions and insurance.

2. Implement an Official Art Show Press Release

Considered an important piece of marketing that gets an audience’s initial attention is the press release. This can provide a little taste of what to expect and can be placed within a local newspaper and social media. This needs to be conducted at least two separate times with the initial sent out 30 days prior to the event and another as a reminder should be submitted seven days before.

3. Send Emails to Area Organizations

Emailing area organizations and introducing the artist or artists will let the community become aware and familiar with the artwork and style of the artist. Make sure that an advertisement letter is attached. Make the email sound encouraging so that they will be willing to share the advertisement.

4. Make Local Appearances

By knowing if other events are happening around yours, you will be able to conduct more promotion and advertising by handing out your promotional advertisements. You will also be able to converse with the event attendees to gain interest in your art show.

5. Go “On the Air”

Using the radio media and conducting an interview is a great way to gain information through questions. You can use a variety of sources that include meet and greet and newsletters.

6. Post to Online Bulletins

It is good to know if an online bulletin page is available for you to post the upcoming art show. By posting this you may not need to conduct any more advertising. You can reach out to the artists and post on their professional websites.

7. Take Advantage of the Community

Set up space among the community such as a school or church and distribute your advertising material. You can mingle with the community, answer questions, and get people interested in showing up to your art show.

8. Create an Artist Network

By getting in touch with other artists that know you or know other artists as well, it can help spread the news by word of mouth.

9. Broaden Your Reachability

Get in touch with community groups and schools to allow you to post the art show event to their official bulletin. Doing this will provide a broader reach than what you would be able to accomplish. You will see exactly how many you reach when you reach out to the community.

10. Mail Invites Directly

Mailing out invites to other artists is a great way to show support for one another. When they receive the invite, they may share the news via word of mouth to their own students or others who may be interested in other art styles. Minimally, the art show will be known by more and could improve the chances of popular artists showing up.

11. Conduct Art Demonstrations

When the show is underway, have your artist work on their newest piece so the audience can see the action first-hand.

By seeing the process unfold, the audience gets an idea of how the artist uses their techniques and styles. Not only that, but the audience will be able to become fans of the art instantly.


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