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111 Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday To Know Yourself A Bit More

In this article, you will find some best questions to ask yourself every day to know something new about ‘you’. It’s part of self-awareness practices that will certainly help you in the process of achieving your goals and becoming the better version of yourself


Although it’s not required, it’s obviously a great thing when you take time aside from your daily schedule and try to learn about yourself.

Such practices of self-reflection are actually better when you want to know that you are heading in the right direction or to evaluate your daily efforts so that you can follow the positive changes in your life, likewise. 

And asking yourself questions is the one way to get closure to yourself and learn something that you should be aware of to achieve your goal in life. 

If you’re not sure what kind of questions to ask yourself, then take a look at the list of self-reflection questions we’ve compiled just for you. 


Questions to ask yourself every day

1. Do I really know who I am?

2. How much success means for me?

3. What is the first thought in my mind when I wake up?

4. What is the last thought in my mind before going to sleep?

5. Do I have the ability to motivate myself?

6. Are my friends good enough to spend time with?

7. What is one thing that I am very good at?

8. What is something in which I need improvement?

9. Do I value my time right?

10. What are my personal needs?

Yes or no questions to ask yourself

1. Do I know where I am going in life?

2. Is this the right path for me?

3. Do I put in the most effort I can?

4. Am I living up to my full potential?

5. Is this really something I need in my life?

Yes or no questions to ask yourself

6. Am I giving myself enough time to rest?

7. Do I spend enough time with myself?

8. Can I truly say that I am happy with myself?

9. Do I care about what others think of me?

10. Do I really take care of myself?

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Positive questions to ask yourself every day

1. What does it mean for me to stay true to myself?

2. How can I make the best use of my talents?

3. What is my level of self-awareness?

4. Do I spend enough time with my family?

5. Will my parents feel proud of me because of this one?

6. How much control do I have over myself?

7. Have I managed to overcome my bad habits?

8. How confident do I feel about myself?

9. Have I tried anything to get out of my comfort zone?

10. What do I need to stay focused on something?

Questions to ask yourself about your relationship

1. Am I making myself too much available for them? 

2. How satisfied am I with this relationship?

3. Do I give my partner the attention and time he or she deserves?

4. What does my partner need from our relationship?

5. Have I done anything that I should hide from my partner?

Questions to ask yourself about your relationship

6. Am I letting someone take me for granted?

7. Do I know everything about my partner?

8. Can I easily forgive and forget my people in life?

9. Do I know how to make someone feel loved and respected?

10. Am I giving my partner enough space to enjoy their time?

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Questions to ask yourself in the future

1. Is this the life that I was expecting?

2. Is it possible to let go of my past?

3. Why did I feel scared about the future?

4. Did I thank my supporters for their contributions?

5. Am I helping others who are on the same route as me?

6. Have I now completely overcome my past failures?

7. Did I collect only regrets or did I also collect learning experiences?

8. What were the challenges I faced during the process?

9. Have I taken advantage of the right opportunities?

10. Are there any accomplishments I should be proud of?

Good questions to ask yourself

1. Do I enjoy life outside my phone?

2. How much time do I spend on social media?

3. Have I helped others with a pure heart?

4. Do I take good care of myself every day?

5. Am I making the most of my 24 hours a day?

Good questions to ask yourself

6. In what way do I find motivation in life?

7. What keeps me from achieving the success I want?

8. Can I spot the difference between my needs and desires?

9. Is there something I wish to change about myself?

10. Is there any quote that I particularly love?

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Fun questions to ask yourself

1. Do I have the guts to accept my flaws?

2. When others speak, do I listen to them?

3. Why am I so lazy and unmotivated?

4. Where do I aspire to be myself in my next life?

5. Where would I like to go with a time machine: In the past or the future?

6. When will I stop relying on other people’s opinions?

7. What keeps me from living the life I wanted?

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8. How can you describe yourself in five or fewer words?

9. Do I love myself better or someone else?

10. What is something that I can’t live without? Exception: my phone. 

Questions to ask yourself to find out who you are

1. What are some things in my life that I am grateful for?

2. What kind of self-care do I practice?

3. What is something that makes me proud of myself?

4. Can I tell you how successful I am in life?

5. Do I have a life plan for the next five years?

Questions to ask yourself to find out who you are

6. How does my life look three years from now?

7. What is the biggest lesson that I learned in my early 20s?

8. From my past, what will I choose to change?

9. What is the greatest lesson I learned from my first love?

10. Am I living my life on my own terms or someone else’s?

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Interesting questions to ask yourself

1. Do I know how to support myself?

2. What was the turning point in my life?

3. What are the greatest messages that I like to share with others?

4. Am I making a positive impact on this world?

5. How do I stay motivated and inspired by something?

6. Do I know how to let go of something that’s not working out for me?

7. Is morning positive thinking really important?

8. Is there any single best friend who is my genuine true friend?

9. How much time am I spending with myself?

10. Why do I care and worry so much about life?

Deep questions to ask yourself

1. Am I living a busy life or do something productive out of the day?

2. What makes my life more challenging and complex for me?

3. Would I rather create my own opportunities or wait for them?

4. Have I figured out my purpose in life?

5. What is something that I can do for the rest of my life?

Deep questions to ask yourself

6. Do you know how to set priorities in your life?

7. What will you do if this is your last day on earth?

8. Are you willing to put in enough effort to change yourself for the better?

9. When you start work on Monday, what is your first thought?

10. How well do you take care of your body and mind?

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Questions to ask yourself about life

1. Is this the life you’ve ever dreamed of?

2. How happy are you with yourself?

3. According to you, what’s the definition of the perfect life?

4. What are your greatest fears in life?

5. What is the greatest achievement in your life?

6. In life, do you collect memories or regrets?

7. Are you capable of guiding the young in their lives?

8. Do you live your life to the fullest? Is there anything you still hold onto?

9. What makes you the person you are today?

10. Can you inspire others through the way you live your life?

11. What is the value of life to you?

Final thoughts:

So there are some great lists of questions to ask yourself every day. We hope with this list of questions you have a good chance to learn something about yourself. 

Well, this is not an end list and we are promised to add the new questions nearly soon. 

Do you find value in the article or find the right collection of self-reflection questions to ask yourself every day, then make sure to follow them every day. 

And yes, you can share this article with someone in your group, family, and friends who also take the benefits out of it. 

Here’s one final question to yourself: Are you ready for an updated version of yourself?

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