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4 Steps Toward Building a Loyal Customer Base

Your business is up and running, and you believe wholeheartedly in your product or service quality. How do you take the next step: attracting an enthusiastic crowd of customers? Better yet, how can you make your company one that customers will keep coming back to?

Loyal customers support their favorite businesses by spending more money there over time and referring other customers. Here are some strategies you can implement when running and marketing your business that will help you not only attract customers, but retain them.

1. Utilize Quality Assurance Software

Functional and effective customer support is a key facet of any successful business. Customers are more likely to continue backing a company that takes their needs and requests for assistance seriously.

Implementing software that is specifically designed to improve call center quality assurance is a great way to ensure that your customers are always receiving the help they need. Quality assurance software also gives your call center agents valuable feedback on their performance. This information helps them improve and feel more comfortable and confident in their roles, which allows them to provide better service to customers.

2. Get Active on Social Media

Across the globe, the popularity of social media continues to rise. More than 79% of all adults in the US were active on social media in 2019. So, of course, having an established social media presence is a great way to invite prospective and returning customers to interact with your brand.

But it’s not enough to sign up for any social media platform and start posting willy-nilly about your company; you need to determine which platforms your target customer base is most active on, as well as the type of content that demographic is most likely to engage with. This is why more and more companies are creating designated positions for social media experts to handle their business’s online presence.

3. Reward Return Customers

Of course, one of the most important factors in generating a loyal customer base is making sure you have a high-quality product that satisfies your customers’ needs. However, once you’ve created that product, you want to transform this one-time buyer into a returning customer and brand loyalist. And the easiest way to do this is to give them a strong incentive to come back. 

About 75% of consumers say they would switch their brand loyalty for a company with a better loyalty program, which clearly indicates that being rewarded is important to repeat customers.

So, be generous with sales, coupon codes, and exclusive membership perks. Loyalty programs for returning customers should be easy to use and apply and make consumers feel special. Consider launching an email campaign that treats the first 100 customers that bought a product on launch day or host an in-store event where customers can compete for exclusive discounts and giveaways. 

4. Be Responsive to Feedback

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than to go out of their way to write a review or make a helpful suggestion to a company, only to be met with radio silence. That customer took time out of their busy day to reach out to you, and they will want to hear back. According to recent research, 42% of customers expect a response to their complaints or inquiries within an hour. 

As a business owner, learning to welcome and graciously accept feedback from your clients (whether it’s positive or negative) is an important step in making them feel loyal to your company.

Don’t Just Attract Customers; Create a Consumer Family

If you hope to see huge profit increases this year, we recommend focusing on building a consumer family. That means encouraging them to come back and shop for more through strategic engagement. 

Use these strategies to elevate your brand into a business that clients will feel inspired to support again and again.

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