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4 Ways To Enjoy Summer At Home

Summer conjures the warm feelings of being under the sun, enjoying the beach, appreciating nature, and just exploring the outdoors. It’s also one of the best times to pursue DIY hobbies that require a warm and dry environment.

But while most people prefer to spend summer by getting away on an out-of-town vacation, there are many ways to make the most of summer at home. Here are some recommendations:

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1 – Redecorate Your Home

If you’ve already done some spring cleaning, redecorating during the summer will be a breeze. But if you haven’t yet, you can still enjoy planning a summer theme décor throughout your home.

Here’s a refreshing idea: fresh flowers! Breathe new life into your favorite rooms or corners with bunches of flowers. Try tulips, roses, daisies, peonies, or sunflowers to make your space look more cheerful.

You can put them in flower vases or be creative with baskets, hanging pots, or some DIY containers. If you have a garden, you can pick a few blossoms from your backyard. You can also just order online and take advantage of farm-fresh flower delivery.

2 – Start A Summer Workshop At Home

Make summer more productive for everyone at home with a workshop or two. Parents can teach young family members new skills by initiating summer workshops like:

If you have kids and you love visual arts, why not teach your children how to paint? Pre-schoolers and school-age children enjoy colorful art classes, especially if they involve their favorite animals or cartoon characters. Grab some watercolor and paper, oil or acrylic paint and canvas, and just let them paint anything they want or give them inspiration from their favorite characters. For teenagers, using a canvas can make them feel like a pro.

Who wouldn’t love some freshly baked goodies? If you have a large enough oven at home, you can plan baking activities with your family. Start by asking the kids to choose recipes, with your guidance of course. Briefly discuss the procedure with them so they can decide if they’re willing to do it with you. This will help young children understand better how things work in the kitchen (or the bakery!) and see how their favorite pastries or bread are made. And who knows, you might just awaken the young chef in them!

Do you love creative photography? Find out if your children will be interested as well! Take photos of your garden, children at play, and anything at home that you find inspiring. Teach basic photography to your children and see if they’ll be interested in your hobby too.

Science Experiments
Geek out on cool science or chemistry experiments that’ll wow the kids. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the basics of science. If they have questions, you can also answer them with a practical experiment.

Young woman, mother with three kids, reading a book at home, hugging and laughing

3 – Plan Some Backyard Activities

Your backyard can be a summer haven too. If you have a spacious backyard, make the most of it every summer with some fun outdoor activities. Start by serving refreshing drinks and a sizzling barbecue for a fun backyard picnic. Then, you can use picnic games or team sports as your main event! You can also invite some close friends and neighbors to join in on the fun.

And if you want to keep going, here are more ideas you can try:

Don’t have a backyard pool? If you’ve got the space, you can buy a portable or inflatable pool instead. They’re more affordable, plus you can easily stow them when you need more of your backyard space again.

Summer is a great time to bring your landscaping and gardening ideas to life. Perhaps you can start cultivating your own sustainable fruit and vegetable garden that you’ve been wanting to build. A small herb garden will also be useful if you love to cook.

Adding new floral species to your front lawn can also be a great idea. Just make sure to choose plants that thrive during the summer seasons, if not all seasons.

Your yard can also be a great space for playing volleyball, badminton, or table tennis. If you have a small family, invite your friends over and divide yourselves into teams.

4 – Start A Small Business

For the business-minded family, starting a business is an excellent project to keep everyone busy. If you want to teach your kids how businesses are run and how they can earn from it, this is a great time to do so. You can hold a garage sale for items you no longer use. If baking and cooking are right up your alley, you’ll probably enjoy and earn more from a food stall or a catering service. Find out for what’s more in-demand in your area during the summer seasons, and use that to your advantage!


Being productive in the summer, no matter where you are is only a matter of creativity and ingenuity. It’s the best time for families and friends to bond and have more fun with each other. But even if you prefer your own company, you can still be just as productive by learning new skills.

Just remember that your activities shouldn’t only be fun and exciting. They should also be safe, and best of all, something you can benefit from—either by learning or earning, or both!


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