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5 Reasons To Buy A Meditation Pillow

Meditation is a mental and physical practice that has been around for centuries and is, still, used by many up to this day. Many people attest to how meditation has been a helpful tool in addressing one’s mental health, reducing their stress levels, and regaining the positive energy they need in their day-to-day life. Overall, meditation has been proven to be beneficial for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Meditation is performed by doing sitting postures and other poses, while deeply focusing on your inner self. You can also chant a mantra, listen to a gong, or stare at a candle flame. However, doing meditation poses or sitting in a specific position for long periods can become unbearable, and, sometimes, even painful, especially if you’re meditating on a hard surface. That’s where a meditation pillow comes in and serves its purpose.

Using a meditation pillow is essential as it brings a plethora of benefits. To discuss further, here are five reasons you should buy a meditation pillow and use it in every meditation session.

1) Provides Maximum Comfort

One of the obvious reasons you should buy and use a meditation pillow is to ensure maximum comfort while doing meditation poses. Out of all the poses, the lotus pose is the most traditional and is often done by most beginners. In this position, you’ll need to sit with your legs crossed, while maintaining the curves of your spine.

As easy as this position may look, it’s actually a difficult pose to maintain for long periods, especially if you don’t have enough mobility due to your sedentary lifestyle. As a consequence, you might experience cramping, pinching, and slumping after your meditation. Thus, it’s essential to invest in a meditation pillow as it’ll lift your hips and support your back to keep it naturally aligned. Once you’re comfortable with your pose, it’ll be easier for you to maintain it for longer periods.

2) Improves Your Posture

Some people settle for carpets or yoga mats every time they meditate. However, as comfortable as they may be, they may cause bad posture.

Meditation Pillow from PineTales filled with with buckwheat hullsProper posture plays a vital role during meditation. Having a poor posture while meditating will not only cause back problems and discomfort, but it can also ruin your overall meditation practice. Thus, investing in a good-quality meditation pillow is vital in ensuring you maintain proper posture during meditation.

For instance, you can use a meditation pillow with buckwheat hulls so that the pillow can easily conform to your position, keeping the alignment of your body and posture.


3) Reduces Back Pains

One of the common reasons some people would give up meditation after trying it out a few times is that they think it only causes more back pains. But, the truth is that you’re more likely to experience back and joint pains if you’re meditating in the wrong position. Most folks don’t realize this, especially if they’re still beginners.

Keep in mind that your spine has its own definite shape, and if you try to force it to do another shape or form, it’ll adversely affect your posture and cause you discomfort and body pains after meditation. Having a meditation pillow will help keep your spine in its straight and definite shape. The pillow will also reduce the strain and pressure on your lower back while maintaining certain poses.

4) Keeps You Focused

Many people practice meditation in order to clear their minds from stress, calm themselves, and attract positive energy. However, it’s impossible to reap the benefits of meditation if you’re not completely focused during the session. When you’re distracted, your mind will keep wandering off and might only lead to more stress. One reason many of you are easily distracted is because you’re feeling pain or discomfort while doing the poses.

To reduce this distraction and keep you focused, buying a meditation pillow will help minimize the discomfort and pain, regardless of what position you’re doing. And, the more comfortable you are with your poses, the easier it’ll be for you to stay focused.

5) It’s Portable

The notable thing about meditation is that you can perform it anytime and anywhere you want to, as long as it’s quiet, free from distractions, and has a flat surface. So, if you’re a frequent traveler, the meditation pillow is portable and lightweight, and this will help create a comfortable and quiet meditation space regardless of where you need it. Whether you’re meditating at your workplace, in a hotel room, or outside your garden, you can quickly set up the pillow anywhere.


As you can see, the meditation pillow isn’t just considered an accessory. Rather, it’s a necessity, and it can significantly improve your meditation experience by providing comfort, reducing pains, and perfecting your posture. So, go and get yourself the best meditation pillow, and your body will surely be grateful for it.

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