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5 Tips On Increasing Your Work Productivity

It all starts with you and your attitude. No one has a better understanding of either than you do.

Your company can have seminars and workshops until the cows come home – motivational speakers that can get the crowd clapping and jumping in their seats, but if none of what they’re saying sinks in, all you’ve then done is had some average free food and watered-down soda pops.

The 5 steps listed below are probably the most basic and achievable in reality.

1. Prepare late afternoon, for the next day.

Some people say that being prepared for tomorrow is best achieved by being at your best today. This can start by preparing today and therefore being better tomorrow. Brother has a wonderfully convenient ink or toner subscription service. So after you’ve queued up your files and pressed print – take this time to make a short list, mental or on paper, of all the things you have to and would like to achieve tomorrow.

2. Prioritize and batch tasks.

From your list of things to do today, you should have some idea or rank of how to best get through that list. Break the list down into small batches that are easily achieved and completed to the best of your ability and at a consistent pace you’re comfortable with, obviously achieving them at a standard you’re mandated with. Take small breaks in between tasks to rest your mind – take this time to cross those items off of your list. Remain diligent. You took the time to make the list now stick to it.

3. Do the hardest tasks first.

Having had adequate rest the night before and formulating your list that you’ve mulled over on the ride home, arrive at work with a mind to getting it done – the day will be a pleasure when you’ve prepared for it and have an attitude to achieve. A clear plan will give you a clear mind – a clear mind is fresh and ready to tackle the curve-ball that might come your way. Most people are at their best first thing in the morning, skip that cup of coffee and get straight to it.

4. Stop multi-tasking.

Because your list dictates, you can’t pick and choose tasks from different batches. Similarly, when a colleague drops a new task on your lap or just pops in for some advice – add these to the next batch or the batch after that. A disruption like this can easily affect your performance by setting you back in your progress. It’s not to say don’t help, just make sure they understand you’ll prioritize it for later when and if you can.

5. Reward.

In between each batch and at the end of the day reward yourself for a day well done. Lots of people think they are in thankless jobs, mostly because you don’t know you can thank yourself with a pat on the back, a delicious smoothie or a walk outside to clear your mind.

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