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60 Unique & Different Ways to Say Goodnight

Want to know some fresh and unique ways to say goodnight, then you’re at the right place. Here you will find a good collection of some funny, cute, and sweet goodnight messages to share with your loved ones, friends, and someone you genuinely care about. 


Good night!!

If you want to keep it simple and direct, then that’s perfectly fine. 

Just copy-paste the same goodnight text to everyone, and that’s it. But, when it comes to someone who is close to your heart you better have some special ways to share your goodnight wishes. 

Take a look at these different goodnight text messages that you can send to someone who is really means something special to you.

Moreover, we also are going to share funny goodnight messages that you can share with your friends. So let’s get started. 


Cute ways to say goodnight

Feel free to share these goodnight messages with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or your crush as this makes the perfect way of expressing your night wishes. You can simply use this anyone of these or can come with a special text that describes your feelings perfectly.

1. Let’s see each other in the dream now. 

2. Time to have some good sleep. 

3. Goodnight, my favorite person on this planet. 

4. See you the next morning.

5. Go to sleep now. 

Cute ways to say goodnight

6. I’ll dream about you. 

7. Feeling so lucky to have you, Goodnight. 

8. See you in dreams and talk to you tomorrow. 

9. Still, waiting to wake up next to you. 

10. Sleep well. Have a dreamy night.

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Fun ways to say goodnight

There have to be some hilarious ways of saying good night, we know you’re feeling the same, Right? And so, our next list covers some funny ways to say goodnight to those who are close to your heart and understand you very well. 

1. May you have the horrible dreams ever. 

2. Goodnight bro. You’re not alone. There is someone under your bed, so don’t worry at all. 

3. You might dream of sleeping with the angel, but I sleep at different angles. 

4. And here comes your goodnight kiss. 

5. Sleep now, you sleepyhead.

Fun ways to say goodnight

6. This is going to be a long night. So sleep and let others sleep. 

7. Sleep now. Your crush is waiting for you, in your dream. 

8. When you are done counting sheep, don’t forget to send them to my home. 

9. Make sure to keep your toes under your blanket. And you will be safe not only from cold but from ghosts, too. 

10. They say when you can’t sleep at night because you’re awake in someone else’s dream. So I wake up everyone and personally send this message to all my friends, informing them, please stop dreaming of me. So that I can sleep now. 

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Funny ways to say goodnight to a friend

1. Tomorrow is very important for me, so please let me sleep. 

2. This was a fair day, let’s get prepared for tomorrow by sleeping calmly. 

3. Sleeping with a teddy bear is kind of cute until you know that you don’t have a teddy at home.

4. Goodnight my friends, let’s sleep now and we have something special to do tomorrow. 

5. You know you kind of look great when you sleep. It’s not a compliment, I want you to sleep that’s it. 

6. I know you have a lot many things to say, but this is not the right time. G’night bro. 

7. I will be there for you every time you need me. You will find me when no one’s there for you. But, make sure it’s not 3 AM and I’m available in town.

Funny ways to say goodnight to a friend

8. What are you going to be tonight? Because last night you were a zombie, running after me to snatch my cheetos in my dream. 

9. Never call me or come to my home to save me after 11, just because your dream shows that I’m in trouble, does not mean I need instant help. 

10. You’ve already sent everyone good night messages, then why are you still online? Log out the Facebook and go to sleep now, you silly. Wait, I’m too awake. Good night, anyway!!

11. Good night, a nightmare waiting for you. Good Luck, too. 

12. I really want to sleep but my crush doesn’t let me. 

13. Sleep now, so that your night watchman can sleep as well.

14. Good nighty night, everyone. Hope finally, you all look good next morning.  

15. Even those sheep are tired now. Please go to sleep. -Sincerely from Manager, a sheep union.

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Sweet ways to say goodnight

Want to make someone feel, they are the last person that you have in mind at day end? Then, here is the right list for you. Presenting some interesting and sweet ways of saying goodnight to your girlfriend/boyfriend and if not then probably you can share this good night message to your crush.

1. Deal. You’ll dream of me and I will dream of you.

2. Feeling so grateful to have you in life. 

3. You are my dream that is about to come true.

4. Hey, wait, I have something to say. I love you more than you love me. 

5. Let’s see who wakes up the first next day. Goodnight. 

Sweet ways to say goodnight

6. Sweet dreams, my love. 

7. I’m thinking of saying good night to you. 

8. Hope your night will be relaxing and healing, just like your smile.

9. Good night love, see you in my dreams. 

10. You’re always my last thought before going to bed every day.

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Different ways to say goodnight

Good night messages and text are all worth it when they’re being said with some special approach plus with true feelings, overall. And these are some interesting ways to say good night to your loved ones. Indeed, it can be anything from best goodnight quotes to songs for them, but such personalized messages express your feelings to them truly. Take a look at some best ways of saying good night to them. 

1. Rest now. The awesome next day coming up. 

2. Good night, let’s try to wake up early tomorrow. 

3. You better go to sleep and I will pray for you. 

4. I love you, too! Goodnight. 

5. I’m really excited to see you tomorrow. G’night!!

Different Ways to Say Goodnight

6. All you wish is that all your dreams come true. So make sure you have some great dreams. 

7. Have a great journey in your dreams. Take care. 

8. Missing you already. Bye. 

9. I’ll be there for you, waiting!!

10. A good night sleeps tight. 

11. Time to count the sheep. 

12. Believe me, tomorrow will be your day. 

13. Buenas noches (Good night in spanish)

14. bonne nuit (Goodnight in french)

15. 晚安 (Goodnight in Chinese)

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Good night to all!

We hope you found these different ways to say goodnight kind of fun, interesting and creative there. And, if so then we’re succeeding at our goal to present some better ways to share goodnight wishes than that keeping it limited to “good night!”, only.

It’s perfectly fine to share the goodnight wishes routinely, but if you want to make someone feel special then such alternatives and sweet ways to say goodnight are the right options. 

And, if you’re following your own unique ways of saying goodnight then let us know. Share your interesting approach to share goodnight wishes, we really want to know that. 

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