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7 Essentials Your Business Website Needs

A well-designed website is no longer an option for small business—it’s a necessity. If you want to remain competitive in today’s world, no matter the industry, you’ll need a website that generates brand separation, traffic and leads to lucrative conversions. Consider incorporating the following essentials into your website design and turn every visitor into a loyal customer.

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1 – A Saturation of Contact Information

Make it as easy as feasibly possible for customers to contact you. This is part of providing excellent customer service, and making it hard to find a phone number or pertinent email address is not going to endear you to any online users. Include your phone number, email address, fax number, or any other form of communication you use regularly on each and every page of your site. This will make it easy for visitors to find the information they need.

2 – Unique, Educational Content

Even the smallest of business can benefit from a blog on their website. Content drives traffic and consumers that find unique, educational information on your site will see your product or service as more trustworthy. Write as an expert in your field or find experts who will guest post on your behalf to gain more exposure. A great example of this is famous casino book writer and columnist, John Grochowski, writing a very comprehensive Guide to Slot Machines for the 888casino blog. Instead of selling a product or service, they take the time to educate their online visitor and create sharable and practical information that consumers crave.

3 – Make it Mobile Friendly

Mobile FriendlyIf your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re losing out on a significant chunk of business. Studies have found that mobile users spend more per single purchase than those shopping on a desktop counterpart. According to Mobify, 1.2 billion people access the web from a smartphone in today’s world and 80 percent of all internet users use a smartphone. It’s essential to create a responsive design website, with many users switching between devices throughout the day, from phone to tablet to laptop. It’s important to make sure your site is responsive and efficient; keep in mind that 57 percent of mobile users will leave your site if any single page takes longer than a mere three seconds to load. You’ll also need to be sure to optimize your shopping cart page for mobile, and make it simple to input credit card and other payment information.

4 – Testimonials

Consumers won’t buy from companies they can’t trust. If you want to become more trustworthy, you’ll need customer reviews. Placing testimonials on your site can immediately improve your credibility, and will provide proof of a positive customer experience and bolster your brand. Testimonial pages are often highly visited, and consumers value the opinions of their peers. Ask each customer to provide a review or testimonial after checkout, and be sure to seek permission to use real names. The more authentic your testimonials read, the more trustworthy you will appear.

5 – High-Quality Imagery

Consumers love imagery, and instead of heading to your pile of stock photos, contract a professional photographer to take high-quality images of your product or photos relevant to your service. Expand your imagery contents beyond still photography; video content is becoming more powerful, and it’s important to offer videos of company products or services in a way that’s easily consumed, while simultaneously being entertaining. Consider Google Android’s marketing video campaign “Friends Furever”. This simple, short video—made up almost of completely curated content – became the most shared video ad in 2015. Using video content directly on your website can help capture consumer attention, and become an easily shared facet of your business that sees the expansion of your target audience.

6 – Social Media Share Buttons

The power of social media can’t be denied, and if you’re looking to encourage consumers to share your wares and their experience, make it easy. Adding easily accessible social media share buttons on every page of your website increases the likelihood of a share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (or the social media channel of your choice). You may also decide to have running feeds on your website to keep consumers in the know and provide them access to all the information you can offer in one fell swoop.

7 – Insight Into Your Company

Customers like to know the people behind the brand, and providing an insight to your company roster and behind the scenes processes can do you a world of good when it comes to forging relationships. The more connected your customers feel to your company, the better retention you’ll achieve. Customer loyalty is huge when it comes to maintaining a successful business, and the more your website can serve this purpose, the better off your brand will be.

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