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Arts Crossroad Fair – Art Without Boundaries

What is the purpose of making art? Self-expression, reflecting yourself and the reality that surrounds you, making a statement, persuading…and many more. There is no denying that whether you are just starting out in your artistic career or you are a well-known master, you want others to contemplate your art…and you want to sell your art.

Is becoming renowned and achieving high profits easy (especially when you are just trying to kickstart)? Asya Haroutunian, the founder of Arts Crossroad Gallery is certain: people of art need to concentrate on creating art, while the art-selling process should be handled by professional galleries.

Arts Crossroad Gallery

Arts Crossroad is an online gallery based in Switzerland. Since 2018, Arts Crossroad gives opportunities to aspiring artists from all over the world to present their artworks at art exhibitions in the heart of Switzerland (Zug, Lucerne, Arth, etc.). This year, the Gallery presents a new concept Arts Crossroad Fair (which will be hosted through 2022-2023).

Art galleries, online art platforms, art dealers are definitely great options for selling art. However, there’s yet another channel worth considering for an artist: art fairs. Art fairs provide excellent opportunities for artists to network, make high profits, and even achieve international recognition. They bring modern artists together with visitors and collectors.

But what factors should you examine while selecting an art fair, and why exactly Arts Crossroad Fair is a great choice for boosting your artistic career?

Art Fair Type and Location

Before investing in an art fair participation, try considering the following factors concerning its type and location: population density in the city hosting the art fair, attendance levels at cultural events in these locations (both by the residents and by the tourists), target audience.

Arts Crossroad Fair has chosen 3 prime locations in the heart of Switzerland for its small-medium-large scale exhibitions:

  • Zug – business center in Switzerland ; 33 km from Zurich; Population – 29,000; Average annual income – 95,000 USD
  • Lucerne – cultural Center; 50 km from Zurich; Population 386,000; Average annual income – 75,000 USD
  • Zurich – world financial center; Population – 400,000; Average annual income – 110,000USD

All the selected art spaces are very popular and highly attended by art lovers and collectors from all over the world. This means: artists participating in these art fairs have very high chances to meet potential buyers, gain fame, recognition and have high incomes.  

 In Zurich, our artists will have a wonderful opportunity to position themselves on Art International Zurich 2022 (24th edition). Established in 1999, Art International Zurich is an annual art fair and art forum, hosting artists, art galleries, and art dealers from all over the world

Art Marketing

The international art market is highly competitive. It is usually necessary to make significant efforts to stand from the crowd of outstanding artists. The first impression is essential, that’s why it is so important to work on the personal brand, to present yourself properly. 

Arts Crossroad Gallery

The artists’ personalization is the cornerstone of Arts Crossroad’s marketing strategy. Whatever the size of the exhibition, we place the Artist’s brand in the center. Unlike many other galleries and art events managers selling only the space for hanging the paintings, our services include:

  • full information about the artist: biography and portfolio on Arts Crossroad Gallery website (and personal QR codes redirecting to artists’ personal pages)
  • high-quality brochures presenting each artist’s works
  • installation of professionally-designed banners and posters
  • publications and targeted advertising in the local cultural magazines and online media

You do not have to worry about marketing and brand placement, and you don’t have to pay separately for such important services. You do not even have to be physically present at the art fair: our team of professional art advisers will handle the entire process, from receiving your artworks to presenting them to a large audience (collectors, art dealers, big art galleries), and selling them to prospective clients. 

Art International Zurich 2022

Art International Zurich 2022


The professional and caring approach in logistics, shipping, and insurance services helps the artists to concentrate on the creative process, without worrying about the safety of their creations. These are crucial aspects of the art industry, and their quality is critical for assuring the effective operation of the art market.

At Arts Crossroad Gallery, we are completely responsible for your artworks after you send them to Switzerland. Our services include:

  • special packaging
  • careful local transportation
  • safe and secure warehousing
  • high-quality and friendly insurance services (for local art transportation)
  • thorough and skillful art installation services; up to 10-12 artworks on 10 square meters of exhibition space. 

We strongly believe that our professional, client-oriented approach, high motivation, years of expertise in art event management will serve as a great opportunity for talented artists from all over the world to make an important and decisive step in their art careers. 

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