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Breaking Silence: Part 1

It’s been a while.

Long meditation. Feels like waking up from another layer of a very deep dream.

I have remembered a lot.

I have remembered that I can know myself, if I choose to listen to every part. Even and perhaps especially, the parts of me that I wish to ignore.

I have remembered that what I see in others – the things that remind me of the good and the bad in human nature itself – exists in me. I can amplify that which hears best, and construct and deconstruct all things, depending on whether or not they serve Highest Purpose.

I am being constantly reminded that whatever I send out is a beacon for likewise. When I send out stillness and acceptance of all that I have remembered in the future, I become comfort to others on the path to Highest Purpose; simply by sitting with the understanding that I have insight and in-hearing.

I have remembered that what I think I know is never the whole story. And that my words might always fall short; as if I am grasping at smoke in a superhero’s pipe dream.

I listen to a song called Mellow Surrender by Phat Daddy J, a man who’s real name is Carl Jones. He just walked into my space with his lovely wife, Linda. Following a most amazing conversation, he told me to read a book written by a CIA physicist, Russell Targ, entitled The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities.

Let the smoke from the superhero’s pipe fill the room.

I have remembered that my actions are what show who I truly am; and that my actions show that underneath and above all the trappings within my spin, the deepest feeling I always have – the core feeling – is an innocent joy, for simply being able to keep coming back to that feeling, and share it with others.

I have remembered that at any moment, so long as I remember that my future Self – the best version of me (the path I choose out of wisdom and not fear), who whispers to me from a place that feels like it’s coming from both inside my cells, and from eons away through time – does not whisper to me for the reasons my analyzing mind might think.

I have accepted that I might not fully comprehend the things I transcribe.

My confidence now shakes as my confidence then speaks.

The whispering of what has been, punctuated so confidently in time, like a period at the end of a mind-blowing line, in a song that you hope never ends, includes both the past and the future. The whispering of what has been encompasses the past and the future; what ‘has been’ is a matter of perspective.

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