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Breaking Silence: Part 5.55

Welcome to the next chapter. A new cycle begins. What follows might be difficult to follow, and is based on interpretation. I ask with humble gratitude that you open your mind, and see where the read might lead.

The trinity has been multiplied into both a re-evaluation and into the completion of that which has been evaluated and set free, to be recycled or transmuted into that which – for the moment – needs no further evaluation.

Trinity Hall Master's Garden, Cambridge University

Trinity Hall Master’s Garden, Cambridge University

The trinity. The number 333 visits me every night; I wake at that hour, on the dot, like clockwork.

This interests me. And while I can subscribe to un-Spockian ideas which appear illogical (so long as they have merit in the realms of possibility), I do not subscribe to the idea of coincidence (in the context of multiplicity/multidimensionalism). Serendipity on the other hand …

According to numerology, 333 designates strength and encouragement: That one is being advised to remain true to the path, and to trust in the process.

Have you heard that before? In your head? Or from an outside source?

And for that matter, who is asking? Who is hearing? Is the me that’s asking, the me that’s hearing, and the me that’s answering, the same person? Has to be. Otherwise, we are able to hear voices which aren’t ours …

‘Amid the sea of me mumblings, the tree of life numberings, the ‘just be’ bumblings, and the free falling fumblings; amid the uploads of hope and the downloads of must, floating the data takes boat loads of trust.’

‘Trust is the ground in what sometimes feels like a groundless thought experiment; a resonant sound in a sea of soundless sound deterrents; boundlessness in a limiting-fraught environment; a sense of being found, even in the foundless feeling of abandonment.’

Was that me?

No. It was me.

You’re crazy.

No, you.


No, me.

Me me me me me me! Multiversal memes.

The trinity multiplies into a re-evaluation, represented by the number 666 (sorry, Motley Crue, but it’s not the number of the beast, unless ‘the beast’ in question is that of disbelief, doubt, fear and worry that come from the singularly and linearly focused ‘self’, or ego, as some call it, which clings like a scared child to what is ‘solid and real’, for what amounts to artificial protection from real unknowns.)

It’s not good versus evil. It’s me versus me.

I like that. The ‘monster number’ represents the fear of remaining stuck in the muck of the evaluation process, without ever making a choice, one way or the other.

Face the monster multiplier – make a choice, one way or another – and the trinity then further multiplies into the completion of that which has been evaluated and set free. It is represented by the number 999 (the completion of the cycle, when a choice has been made), to be recycled or transmuted into that which has served it’s purpose, and needs no further evaluation.

‘Between the shoulder prime number whisperings of the Devil and God, between the monster fear multiplier and it’s palindrome C.O.D, (RETSNOM is a brilliant puzzle game that will have you thinking hard about what to do next) is you, yous and your trust.’

The trinity imaginarium, where ‘me’ is just a sort of trademark symbol with a bunch of electrons floating beside it.

To summarize, the number 333 can be seen as a rest stop. A place where strength, courage and trust can be gathered. A place where a choice can be made: to continue the cycle (where there remains a lesson to be learned from the fear, doubt, worry, anger, attachment to outcomes, etc – the thoughts that feed the ‘beast’), or, to jump out of the mouth of fear – to first person shoot yourself into a next cycle – where new lessons await, feeding the adventure and the learning cycle anew.

Put another way: We can remain on the limited, relatively comfortable and familiar timeline which we’ve become accustomed to, or, jump to a new timeline, where only that which serves the Higher Outcomes can go. It’s analogous to leveling up in a video game, or upgrading from a classical operating system to a quantum one: The latter being the upgraded version of you. But we are more than a mechanical operating system. We’re sentient ones, able to level jump because of the trust input from ‘past timelines’ (learned versions of you) to upgraded ones (learning versions of you).

The zero point rest stop is where sound evaluation is heard. Where gr-adventur-ation occurs. And as scary as it seems, it’s really neat to be there.

The ability to try on a new timeline – ones which fit better, based on the best brought forth and the beast left behind – is a gift we all have, and it is tremendously rewarding.

And this is what healing is.


The expression of it varies in as many ways as there are possibilities, but the Source of it and you are the same thing. Hyperlinked through imagination and belief.

Welcome to the multiverse.

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