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Building Your Dream Home on a Sloped Landscape

In the building contracting industry, sloped landscapes often move a project into higher pricing tiers. Despite the high budget of building on a slope, such property attracts a high value when expertly constructed. The main reasons that compel people to create their homes on sloped land are the breathtaking views of rivers, expansive tree lines, and hilly landscapes. These homes are often in the ideal position for views of nourishing sunrises and sunsets in addition to the fantastic view.

If you are looking to make the best out of your sloped land, here are a few things you need to know.

The Cost of Construction

The cost will be more than building your home on a flat plot, but what exactly should you expect?

More expensive foundations make use of the cut-and-fill method or the construction of retainer walls. Basements mean more expenditure on structural engineers and waterproofing jobs.

However, the discovery of stilts has made construction on sloped grounds more affordable. Stilts are an alternative to costly foundation works as they leave the ground untouched. They are common in Southeast Asia and South America, where they were traditionally in use to keep people from predators and calamities such as floods.

Homes constructed using stilts will often use well-designed staircases and driveways for better accessibility. If you find stairs a bit exhausting, you can opt for outdoor stairlifts for your home.


Drainage is perhaps the most cost-intensive area when building on a steep landscape. For safety purposes, all water flux from rainfall should re-direct away from your house’s foundation. Homes with basements face the risk of leakage due to subsurface water flow. Retaining walls need waterproofing and proper drainage using swales and culverts.

Soakaways are a perfect alternative whenever you are constructing on a limited space. They allow the slow flow of water back into the ground while easing pressure on your retainer walls.

Soil Makeup of the Building Site

Soils such as sand, silt, and gravel are better when building on a sloped ground due to their perfect drainage; they can withstand more weight.

Steer clear of property constructed on clay because the soil tends to expand over time, hence damaging your foundation. If you have no option but to build on clay, fill the area with a more granular soil type.

It would be best if you also took measures to prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion can occur anytime, depending on the climate. Terraces and retaining walls can help to reduce this risk.

Adjust Your Designs to the Slope

As earlier discussed, the value of homes built on steep surfaces lies in the views and natural lighting. To realize your dream house, you need to consult professional architects who will leverage the positioning of your land. Consider interesting roofing ideas, such as the installation of a green roof to come up with a unique home.

Septic Systems

The budget required for your septic systems may vary depending on the position of your house relative to the main sewer line.

A house positioned above a sewer line is more affordable because it does not require any pumping compared to one placed below the sewer line.

However, steeper houses require tumble bays to slow down the flow of the effluent entering the main sewer line. This layout is to prevent potential damage to the sewage pipes.

Final Thoughts

It is no surprise that the most beautiful houses are on slopes. If you are the type of person who enjoys architecture that mimics the fairy tale world, then this investment is worth a shot. It’s an excellent idea for developers who are looking to make a fortune out of property sales.


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