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Celebrities Who Invested in Racehorses and Won

Some investments are more fun than others, and for many well-off celebrities, racehorses are the perfect excuse to head to the track dressed in their best designer threads and network in the grandstands as their beasts-for-hire hurtle across the turf.

Here are just some of the well-known stars who chose to add at least one horse to their bulging stable of investments.

Race horses

Many celebrities like nothing more than the rush of seeing the horse they own tearing down the home stretch.

Dame Judi Dench

She is best known for her roles in James Bond movies or period dramas where she specializes in playing the queen, but when she’s not acting up a storm Dame Judi Dench is often found on the rail of racetracks all around the UK.

She owns a share in both As De Mee and Smokey Oakey who between them have won over $300,000 in prize money, which is not a terrible return on her investment by any means. Although her horses tend not to compete on US race tracks, if they did then reliable US-based racing tipsters would no doubt be extolling their virtues.

Wes Welker

Sports stars are repeat offenders when it comes to the backing of horses and former NFL great Wes Welker is undoubtedly one player who loves a day out at the races.

His shining moment came when the horse he owned called Undrafted bolted from nowhere to upset the odds by winning a high-profile race at Royal Ascot in the UK. The win landed him close to $500,000.

Welker has also been known to get so carried away at the Kentucky Derby, handing out $100 bills rather than scribbling autographs, which is one investment he probably won’t ever see a return on.


Most celebrities leave it to others to do the dirty business of caring for their animals.

Rob Dyrdek

For those who don’t know, Dyrdek is a TV personality who started out in life as a professional skateboarder before transitioning over in the entertainment mainstream.

Among the thoroughbreds that Dyrdek owns are the successful Weemissfrankie, but the former skater didn’t stop at just owning horses. He also tried his hand at becoming a jockey, starting out on his very own steed at a Hollywood racetrack. The record will show that he won, although everything looked a little bit too staged for our liking. Many other celebrities invest in horses, but it’s hard to beat the trio mentioned above.

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