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Going Green with Online Gaming

There are many reasons why people choose to play at online casinos rather than at a more traditional land-based venue. One of the biggest draws is the fact that you are able to get the biggest Vegas online casino promos when you choose to play on your phone or laptop. But, one advantage that you may not have considered is the benefit to the environment. By playing online you may be doing more good than you actually realize.

There may be some people that live in walking distance of a physical casino but this is not the case for most people. Many people do not even have a casino in their town and so they would have to travel some distance in order to visit one. Any time that you have to use any form of transport other than walking, you will be contributing to global warming. Not so when you stay at home to play at an online casino.

Global warming is also increased by the amount of electricity that is generated from fossil fuels. If you think about a traditional land-based casino, there is an awful lot of electricity that is used. There are usually rows of slot machines that have flashing lights and loud sounds. Some casinos will also have the air conditioning running all day to combat the heat that is produced by these machines and to keep their visitors comfortable. Having a desktop switched on, or charging a laptop or mobile device hardly uses any electricity at all and so you can play online at Vegas Palms safe in the knowledge that you are helping the environment.

Travelling in cars and planes, and producing electricity releases greenhouse gases which damage the ozone layer. This means that solar radiation can get into the atmosphere but it is not so easy for it to escape again. The consequence of this is that the earth warms up slowly. This may not be the kind of temperature rise where you notice that it is suddenly getting hot, but the temperature of the earth is increasing and this will cause serious problems for future generations.

We are already starting to see how the earth is being affected by global warming. Ice caps are melting at both poles and glaciers are suffering the same fate and this has led to the sea level rising. The temperature of the earth is rising and this is leading to extreme weather conditions. In the last few weeks, we have seen the Caribbean and areas of the mainland United States suffer considerable damage due to two hurricanes occurring one after an other.

When online casinos first launched getting each game to load was a long process. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Online casinos such as Vegas Palms have spent vast sums of money on making their sites as good as possible for the user. In the past, there was no comparison between playing at a real casino and playing online. Now you can even play with a live dealer online and this makes everything seem even more real. Advances have also been made in broadband speeds which allow games to load much quicker and this improves the experience for the player.

We all need to try and do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. The good news is that this can be fun at the same time. The next time you want to enjoy a game of poker or some table games, instead of heading to the nearest casino log on to your computer or pick up your phone instead.


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