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Golfing During Winter? Follow These Tips

After all, it’s colder outside, and in some cases, the weather can ruin your game. While some golfers may hang up the club until it warms up, the truth is that you can enjoy a good game of golf regardless of the time of year. 

This post will give you some tips to help your golf game during the wintertime.

Dress Appropriately

When it comes to winter golf, do not underestimate Mother Nature. Even when playing a game of golf, it’s easy for you to get hypothermia or deal with other problems from being in the cold for too long. 

That’s why it’s vital to spend money on appropriate winter clothes.

Look for high-quality waterproof winter clothes with breathable fabric but allow for warmth. These clothes can cost a little more, but the benefits they can give you are well worth the price tag.

Also, be sure to grab a pair of gloves that will allow you to keep your grip as you swing. Your hands and your game will thank you for it later.

Finally, consider waterproofing other supplies, such as your bag. A waterproof bag will help keep your supplies in a safe condition.

What About Golf Balls?

During winter, you may want to purchase a golf ball that goes the distance. Every 10 degrees down the temperature goes, your ball flies 2 yards less.

 If you wish to buy a new ball, Stitch Golf has a supply of golf balls and golf supplies fitting for the winter.

Also, consider keeping your golf balls warm, as colder balls won’t fly as far. Keep them in a warm pocket, or rub them a bit before you swing.

What About Clubs?

In general, you will want to bring several types of clubs with you for any game, but consider bringing an extra one.

The winds and the changing conditions can affect how far your ball goes, and by bringing an extra club, you can ensure that you’re prepared for every situation. Experiment with several club types to see which is the best for your situation. Also, be sure to use clubs with a firm grip.

Remember The Ground

The ground can be your best friend or biggest enemy. For example, mud can affect your game. You can run into that a lot more when you golf during the wintertime, so your best bet is to clean your shoes and avoid driving off road too much.

Not only can a golf cart damage the ground during winter, but if you keep walking, you will stay warmer. Meanwhile, the cold air can get to you in a golf cart. Of course, some situations require you to use it still, which is okay.


Golfing in winter can be challenging, but it is possible. 

If the weather is too rough, consider indoor golfing, or try another simulator. Don’t lose your golf skills, but instead adapt during wintertime to ensure that you are doing your best.

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