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How To Leverage Technology To Improve Your Meetings

Meetings are an essential part of many work environments, and technology can help you hold meetings more efficiently. You can use our easy tech tips below to ensure your meetings are as productive as possible.

Take Notes On Your Smartphone

When you have a meeting, the days of taking written notes are long over. Instead, we can use technology to take notes quickly and accurately on our smartphones. In addition, these devices can be used positively in your meeting and not as a distraction, which is often the case.

Whether you’re holding a brainstorming session with colleagues or doing a presentation, taking notes with your smartphone is a big help. This feature also is helpful for writing business reviews, composing a newsletter, and much more.

Web Conferencing

During the COVID-19 era, millions of people started working from home, and web conferencing has become more critical than ever.

If your team has people working remotely, web conferencing and video calls can make collaboration a breeze. Free tools such as Skype, for example, let you see everyone on the call and allow you to share anything needed, no matter where the team is located.

Interactive Projectors

Have you ever been frustrated with a team member who has the master file of a vital document that no one else can easily access?

Modern projector technology allows people to show a file that everyone can see. Also, everyone in a meeting can even interact with the document, sort of like a whiteboard.

This means that all team members can edit the presentation or document in real-time in a meeting, which encourages participation and interaction.

Also, one of the most frequent complaints about meetings is that a handful of extroverted people dominate the session, and there is little point in others being present.

Interactive projectors also allow people to attend meetings remotely but add comments and thoughts to a virtual ‘wall of ideas’ in the cloud. Others in the meeting can see these thoughts and are more likely to add their thoughts.

Do Meetings On The Company Website

The company website is an ideal place to do business meetings. You can have a video link on your site that allows people to connect in a meeting, no matter where they are.

Also, consider that doing a business meeting on your public website attracts more visitors. Clients and prospects may be interested in sessions that involve products and services your company offers.

In some situations, meetings can be done on your website featuring executives that clients want to hear from regularly.

But keep one thing in mind: Your company website must have a fast load speed for this idea to work. The good news is there are many technologies available that ensure your site is stable and loads quickly on phones and PCs.

Remember Your Technology Limits

All of these ideas can improve the quality and efficiency of your meetings, but it’s for naught if the technology doesn’t work.

How many times have you been at a meeting where the first 10 minutes are dedicated to fixing a video conferencing problem or finding a Powerpoint presentation?

Problems can happen to anyone, but you can head off most of them if you practice the meeting in advance. Ensure that the tech tools you’re relying on for your in-person or virtual meeting are running smoothly and ready to go.

If you leverage some of the technology mentioned above, your meetings will become more professional and productive. And you may impress your bosses, which is always a good thing!

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