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Ides of March

It is not the same today
The wind under the door
is a little more bent that usual,
the dry leaves are shuffling a little slower,
the crows are cawing, perhaps,
a little too sharp.
The young leaves are wary
of the slightest rustle.
The postman’s noisy bicycle
is creating ruckus on the gravel
but the dust shies away from rising.

The wind has started blowing again.
Yesterday’s wind had a cleaner breath; today’s seems tired. Too tired 
to push the half open window.
The lone white curtain
shaking the dust has fallen
on the gasping wind
creeping in 
under the door. 

Photo Credit

Photo is pixabay creative commons

Poem is Copyright Shruti Das


Guest Author Bio
Dr Shruti Das

ShrutiDr Shruti Das is Associate professor English in Berhampur University in Odisha, India. She is a creative writer with poetry published Nationally and Internationally and also a literary critic, writing bilingually in English and her native tongue Odia. She has published two collection of poems named “A Daughter Speaks (2013)” and “Lidless Eyes(2015)” has been published in Anthologies like “Inspired Heart 2″, “Inspired Heart 3”, “Scaling Heights” and “Colours of Refuge” to name a few. She has participated in many Seminars on English language and literature in Europe, USA and India . She is sensitive to social issues, loves to travel and to dream. She loves animals.

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