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Living More Than One Life as an Actor

Many people believe they only live once. There are so many ways how life can unfold based on career choices. In childhood, the opportunities seem endless — kids dream of becoming the President of the United States, Wonder Woman, a genius scientist or perhaps a tooth fairy. Then the reality of adult life hits — some people go for more down-to-earth professions while others remain committed to living life to the fullest in their career and outside work.

One of the most desirable and idealized professions has always been that of an actor or model. Many people think actors have it easy. They don’t. You only see the surface which might lead to false assumptions that those who made it to the red carpet just happened to be in the right place at the right time. But the highest-paid actors are some of the most hardworking people out there. If you want to join them, prepare yourself to work hard, be rejected and scrutinized — it’s a package deal.


A great thing about acting or modeling is that people find themselves doing things they would otherwise never even consider doing. Actor Andrew Garfield has said in one of this interviews:

I just like knowing everything I can. I love the fact that I get to train for a year as a Jesuit priest and then train to be a cop and learn how to make a rocking chair. I want to know everything about everything, and that’s not possible, and it won’t be possible.

Get inspired

If you look at such Hollywood actors as Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett or Gary Oldman, the variety of roles they have played is truly head-spinning. Blanchett goes from riches (Elizabeth I: The Golden Age) to rags (Blue Jasmin), Bale has transformed his body from 120 pounds (The Machinist) to 228 pounds (American Hustle) for the sake of a role, and Gary Oldman — well, he is a real human chameleon. Their versatility and intense commitment to the characters have paved their paths to fame and inspired many new actors who are just trying to break into show business.

Actor Will Roberts, the embodiment of hard work and passion for acting, said:

I spent many days, many years on and off in my car crying, screaming, and saying why not me?! If I fell victim to that, I would now be, maybe, working at a radio station making no money or working at a car dealership. And I never want my life to be like that. So what motivates me is what I passionately want to do.

Get noticed

If you are an up-and-coming actor or model, it’s important to create an online persona. A great tool for that is AllCasting.com which lets you create your profile and apply for auditions online. Social influencers like Lauren Francesca, OhhMyAnnie, and Laurence Evans are using the platform to grow their resumes and gain knowledge necessary for anyone entering the show business. You don’t necessarily have to be a tech-savvy person to build a good portfolio. Take your iPhone, film a self-tape. Network with people, borrow a DSLR camera. Find a struggling photographer, and team up. And never ever say that you don’t have the tools to get your name out there. Actors and models who got on top of the list weren’t just lucky, so don’t waste time thinking that the whole world is against you. Even Al Pacino was living on the street at one point of his acting career. Will Roberts changed his job 50 times before he was 25:

That was purely because every time my job would tell me I couldn’t go to rehearsal the next day, they wanted me to work instead, I would say okay, what’s important to me? Unfortunately, that job making minimum wage and working for someone else didn’t allow me to progress to my goal, so I left.

The main mission of AllCasting.com is to give equal opportunities to all actors and educate those who truly want to succeed.

Get to work


If you wish to pursue a career in acting or modeling, it is important to understand that success demands a lot of hustle. New York actor Tyler Rivera has applied to more than hundred auditions by now and landed acting jobs using the AllCasting.com platform. Learn, read, soak up all the knowledge you can — you have to build your confidence and know that you are good at what you do, only that way you can convince others. Get used to hearing NO and accept it as a part of your job. If 100 actors are auditioning for one role, 99 will get rejected. It’s not personal so don’t take it to heart. When you get a YES, be grateful for the new experience and opportunity to broaden your horizons.

These days, you can become anything and anyone if you work hard and stay focused. You can become an astronomer even if you know nothing about astronomy — remember Matt Damon growing tomatoes on Mars in ‘The Martian’. If you are interested in the fashion industry, a career in modeling will give you a chance to participate in photo shoots in exotic locations and try out extravagant outfits that you otherwise might never dare to put on. With AllCasting.com you may land your next acting or modeling gig, whatever it may be. Keep an open mind and remember that the majority of award-winning roles are controversial or portray someone the audience would just hate in real life. Challenge yourself, and you will be amazed at what you discover by putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes.

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