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The innocence
That shadows my reflection
Making marks in time
With preferable permanence
Pen and sword
Together in holstered waiting

Shyness takes over
Heart to heart
Every part feels like glass
Clear, fragile and easily shattered

No matter

In the joy of joint creation
And rolling
And training
And playing
And praying

There is
No roll playing
No toll taken
No goal making
Just soul shaking

Something more
Wanting more
To break more
To break more dull and stale patterns on boring timelines
That once called
So fervently
Like a hungry habit
Which needs too much
And wants too little

Not creating new ones
But instead
Seeing that they are already
Already here
Inside the remembering innocence

Familiar senses
Long forgotten
Now remembered
In original Love
For all that is
Prior to thought
Prior to knowing
what thought or knowing were.

Hours and hours of watching these brave waves
These craving days
Training this vertigo
To be still
Could it be?

The best has yet to happen.

In the worst of this mess
To find it: This isness
Instead of communicating
With a chasing and constant dizziness
Of always wondering
Why there is a sense between me and other of trashy stickiness
And scratchy itchiness
And patchy frizziness
And unfinished business

Between truth and fiction
Why there is an insistence on so many possible timelines
Instead of just the best probable one

This one

The click of a light switch
In a long and darkened hallway
Which may or may not exist
Finds my hand
As I tear down the old cathedrals
Built around me
Which buttressed my hidden memories
And forgotten knowing
With comfort and caging

We are inside of time
And time is waiting outside
For us
To come and play
In the always of now.

I can feel it like warm skin
against my needs
Like winter in spring
Falling on me
Like lacy snowflakes
Lingering softly

Dusting it still
With my tender brush.

This innocence
Lights up new reflections
And shadows fall
In love with that which cast them.

Mary training on beach with sai

Mary training on beach with sai

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Photo courtesy of  Mary Rose – All Rights Reserved

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