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Practical Eco-Friendly Tips To Keep Raccoons Out Of Your Home

While prioritizing methods of making your home more eco-friendly and sustainable is an excellent approach to protecting the environment, cutting your costs, and reducing airborne pollutants in your immediate home environment, these are big projects that can be costly. And even though there’s no doubt that you should take these measures, there are also several other ways that you can protect the health of your family that you might be overlooking. Household pests and wildlife pests such as raccoons can be a significant health risk for any family, and some methods of removing pests are not kind to the environment or the health of your pets. So, if you’re searching for eco-friendly ways to get rid of raccoons in attics, your garbage cans, and even your kitchen, these practical tips will help you approach the problem without harming the planet.

Store Your Garbage Cans Indoors

Proper disposal of garbage is crucial for everyone. And if you are eco-conscious, separating your rubbish is essential for recycling. With that said, recycling your rubbish will also prevent raccoons from sifting through your trash to find food, as paper, tin, glass, and plastics should be thrown out after being rinsed off. This extra effort will ensure your rubbish has no food aroma to lure in the raccoons. In addition to this, you should also take the extra measure of storing your garbage cans indoors. And the best spot to keep them is inside your locked garage. Storing rubbish in your kitchen area will be a health concern.

Seal Off Any Entry Points

There’s no doubt you don’t want to harm raccoons simply because they’re searching for food in and around your home. However, you must protect your health and that of your family. So, instead of ignoring the issue, seal off entry points into your home. Always close the windows and if you notice any small crevices where raccoons might be entering your home, seal them off securely. If you have a chimney, seal off the opening as well.

Empty Bird Feeders And Put Pet Food Away

If you have bird feeders anywhere in your yard, be sure to empty them in the evenings. The birds won’t be eating during the night, and unless you want to lure raccoons, it’s best to bring them inside or empty the seed. In addition, never leave out any pet food as this is a sure way to attract raccoons.

Seal Off Your Pet Doors

Pet doors are practical things if you have pets. However, they are also easy entry points for raccoons and various other rodents. So, if you have pet doors, be sure to seal them off in the evenings after calling in your pets. This way, raccoons won’t be able to get inside and rummage through your home in search of food.

While raccoons are pests that can raise health concerns and risk property damage, they also know how to make a great big mess while rummaging through garbage cans and even kitchen cupboards. However, there is no reason to hurt these creatures, as they share the environment with us. So instead of resorting to the use of harmful poisons and inhumane traps, consider eco-friendly measures and consult a pest control service that is considerate of the environment if your efforts are not successful.

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