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Spirit of Time

Spirit of Time is a work of art by the surrealist French artist, Patrice Dechavanne.

The surrealist Spirit of Time captures the reality of life in the 21st century. It shows the impacts caused by humans’ treatment of the world and each other. Disrespect for the earth, human health, racial, gender and economic equality have resulted in climate chaos, destruction of biodiversity, the advance of COVID 19, accompanied by fear , all which are skillfully presented using religious symbolism. While a disturbing image, the message may be one of hope and an opportunity for change.

The Spirit of Time

Patrice Dechavanne – Spirit of Time

Lithography, reprography art paper printed in 5 copy.
Each copy is numbered and signed by the artist. Size 60/80

Material about the work indicates the image is questioning of the Western world which has lost moral, political, economic, religious, and ecological values. As with all art and, more so with surrealist art, the meaning cannot be defined by one person as the artwork provides different messages for each viewer. With this in mind, you the viewer can comment on the work and what it means for you.

The artist´s biography can be viewed by following this link: Patrice Dechavanne Biography

Image Credits

Image is © Patrice Dechavanne

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Charalee holds degrees in Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science, and a Juris Doctorate in Law. Following receipt of a Rhodes scholarship in 1982, she pursued legal studies in Oxford, England where she obtained a B.C. L degree. She held academic positions in England, New Zealand, and Canada and is presently a faculty member at Euclid University. She completed her Ph.D. in Mediation and Conflict Resolution in June 2020. She has also practiced law in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

She has published three books of literary fiction  and one of which has been translated and published in Spanish.

She developed programs for students, judges, and the corporations on legal issues and published academic works in environmental law, sentencing and commercial law.

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