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Tarmac Meditations #183: The Miracle of Second Chances

I slept badly, woke up ready to go for a run, not a feeling I have had in recent years. Surprisingly, dressed in shorts and an old rain jacket, and a red Foothills 50K Frenzy hat, I did exactly that: ran a little walked a little, did the iPhone to the ear thing and wished my daughter a happy and fulfilling trip to Asia. Took my blood sugar when I got back – way too high – again. Damn it, I love this country. Democracy is hard work, more now than ever. Time to get my heart in order for the hard times comin’.

Roll on, you rollin’ river

I have now gotten out of the door two lousy days in a row. I will continue down this road. Blood sugar is apparently my spiritual burden for years of bad choices and a Peruvian marching powder nutrition plan. Great for weight loss, lousy for good choices. Given the politics here in America, a land I dearly love, it is my time to straighten up and fly right as my father used to say to me. Running before daylight has always been my chosen cathedral. Time to eat right, work hard, run and pray.

Oh yeah, also a good time to be grateful for the miracle of second chances.

Rainbows are where you find them


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