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The Dream NYC Wedding Venues for Any Bride and Groom This Year

New York has lifted several of its COVID-19 restriction guidelines as vaccinated people are no longer required to social distance at venues, allowing some venues to operate at 100% capacity. Unvaccinated individuals need to show proof of a negative test at venues and wear a mask throughout events. However, with the number of COVID cases still rising across New York and the US as a whole, many people still want the option of venues that allow for social distancing. Below are venues in New York that create a feeling of celebration and togetherness but can also offer social distancing for couples that choose to do so.

583 Park Avenue

583 Park Avenue

The event venue, 583 Park Avenue, is becoming increasingly popular among New Yorkers. The breath-taking venue values glamour and sophistication equally with functionality. Located on Park Avenue and 63rd Street, the event space is a landmark building that has been recently restored and made available for private events (it was originally built in 1923).

Aesthetically, the New York venue is reminiscent of a bygone era with its towering white pillars in front. In regards to service, 583 Park Avenue is unparalleled. The planning process is incredibly efficient and enjoyable in order to ensure couples the wedding of their dreams. Moreover, their ballroom can accommodate 700 seated, easily surpassing what is needed to safely welcome 200 guests socially distanced. The real testament to this venue’s charm is its frequent mention in NY Times wedding announcements, such as the wedding of Sarah Wolff and Jeremy Wien. This is truly a space where memories for a lifetime can be made.

The New York Public Library

Inside New York Public Library

For those who desire a wedding ceremony that embodies the grandeur and sophistication in classic New York style, The New York Public Library is as classic as you can get. With sky-high ceilings, marble columns, and a pair of welcoming staircases (both inside and out), this iconic spot is truly one-of-a-kind and a transformable space for your dream wedding. It’s also beyond practical as the building has multiple event spaces, making it easy for guests to practice social distancing as well as migrate from one space to the other. Moreover, the various rooms allow for all your creative wedding dreams to flourish as you can cultivate a different vibe in each room.

As far as specifics, this venue can host 250 people seated (750 standing). Additionally, all event fees support the Library’s indispensable collections, services, and programs. The New York Public Library lends any wedding a sense of grandeur and distinction as it is a quintessential New York City icon. It truly should be considered by any engaged couple looking to wed in the area.

The Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room has reigned as a beacon of style and sophistication since its opening in 1934. This dazzling Manhattan hotspot is located on the 65th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza and was re-opened last October after renovations that had been ongoing since 2014. However, all the signature design elements have been preserved, with every detail informed and inspired by New York’s timelessness and architecture. The capacity of the Room has not been altered with renovations as it still seats 300, allowing for approximately 150 guests to comfortably social distance.

The Rainbow Room’s iconic domed ceiling and revolving dance floor serve as the centerpiece of this venue, while magnificent crystal wall sconces and brass railings enhance the grandeur of the room. There is also a famous crystal chandelier that is so magnificent it has often been compared to the night’s sky as all the room’s lights bounce off the crystal giving the illusion of the stars. Moreover, this venue is unique in that the compelling sights are not only inside the building but also as you look out the ceiling to floor windows, The Rainbow Room has one of the best views of the New York City skyline. For those New Yorkers who cherish a good view of their city, this is the venue for you.

The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection

Located in east Midtown, The Frick Collection is an internationally recognized museum and research center for its distinguished Old Master paintings and outstanding examples of European sculpture. While many New York City venues of this caliber feel grand, expansive, and more fitting for a large guest list, this unique space provides an elegant yet intimate setting for any ceremony and reception. With a capacity of 180, the space still allows for social distancing, just on a smaller scale as there are fewer areas for mingling compared to the previous venues (a perk for some couples who would prefer to see all their loved ones in one space).

What truly sets The Frick Collection apart from other event spaces is the way it almost transports you and your guests back in time as its decorative art pieces and architecture evoke a sense of glamour from New York’s Gilded Age. The level of detail you will be surrounded by is unmatched and it gives any wedding a unique charm that is tough to beat.

The Frick Collection is currently closed for renovations but is expected to reopen shortly. The renovations are the first to be done to the building since the 1930s but are minor and are only being done to continue to have a space to safely honor the history of the site.

The Natural History Museum

New York Natural History Museum

A unique and often forgotten venue choice is another NYC landmark, the Natural History Museum. This is an elegant option for a beautiful wedding and/or reception. Prior to the pandemic, this venue was ideal for couples with a long guest list, as the spacious building has the capacity to host over 3,000 people during the reception. Although this is not possible due to the Governor’s 150 person cap, this space is excellent for those prioritizing social distancing as the building provides over 2 million square feet.

A wedding ceremony and reception in a museum is definitely one for the books and should be considered by any couple who enjoys aweing their loved ones as your guests can enjoy cocktails in the grand lobby—with a dinosaur as the room’s centerpiece—and you can dine under a 94ft blue whale. This venue really helps create memories for a lifetime.

Photo Credits

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New York Public Library by Oneisha Lee on Unsplash

Rainbow Room – Wikimedia Creative Commons

The Frick Collection – Paulo O on Flickr

New York Natural History Museum by Aditya Vyas on Unsplash


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