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Tips for Keeping Your Audience Entertained

Organizing an event is a lot of work but it can be extremely rewarding when done properly. Whether you’re planning a small gathering of friends or organizing a public event in the community, there are a few basic ground rules you should follow. Here are a few tips to keep your audience entertained and enjoying the party.

Ideal Location

One of the first things you’ll want to consider will be the choice of venue. If you’re hosting a small dinner party then more than likely the location would be at your house or some other intimate setting. However, if you’re hosting a larger event, then you’ll want to put careful consideration into the venue.

Believe it or not, the venue could make or break the gathering. Picking the right setting means your guests will feel comfortable and eager to partake in the festivities. However, choosing the wrong venue could cause your attendees to check their watches and look for a reason to escape. You worked hard to get them to show up, so you’ll want to make sure that you give them a reason to stay.

Great Entertainment

The best way to get them to stay is to provide them with quality entertainment. Whether this means bringing in a live band or DJ to perform, hiring other talent like a magician or comedian, or having some other fun activities planned.  As the host, you’ll want to ensure that your audience is occupied and enjoying themselves. Nobody wants to attend an event only to stand around, looking and feeling bored.

As the host, think about the event you’re organizing and the intended audience. What kind of entertainment would they enjoy? Don’t book an entertainer based on your preferences because you’re only one person. Think about the group as a whole. Who or what will keep your audience engaged in the event?

Pro tip: Depending on the entertainer, frequently booked talent usually schedule events well in advance so make sure to start planning ahead.

Crowd Control

Remember to work the crowd. As the host, set aside some time throughout the night to make your rounds and speak with your guests. This is the time when you should ask important questions and address any relevant concerns. Is the music too loud or too soft? Is the room temperature too hot or too cold? Are you enjoying yourself? Can we do anything to enhance the experience?

Many times, it’s the small overlooked details that can make all the difference in creating a successful event. Walking around to engage the attendees is a proactive way to ensure people are having fun and their needs are being met. If something can be fixed in real time then do it. Address any issues on the spot, this way you reduce the chances of hearing bad reviews days or weeks later.

Plus, it shows your attendees that you care about them. They showed up to your event. The least you can do is walk around to thank them for attending.

Deliver on Expectations

Riding the coattails of the above mentioned tip, make sure to deliver on promises made and the audience’s expectations. If you promise a live band then make sure the band is ready to go and the sound quality is excellent. If you promise a comedian or magician, then make sure that person can entertain the crowd. If you promise great drink specials and appetizers then make sure the food and drinks have been coordinated ahead of time.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to creating an event that will leave a lasting and positive impression on your guests.

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