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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer  

So you’ve been in an accident—now what? Whether it happened in a vehicle, at work, on public transportation, or at the local grocery store, the first thing you need to do after seeking treatment for your injuries is to call a personal injury lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve for everything from pain and suffering to lost wages.

There are a lot of things to worry about when you’ve been injured. Getting to doctor’s appointments, organizing short-term or long-term leave from work, and filing police reports are just some of the many things likely on your plate. But, do not wait to contact a personal injury lawyer. Here’s why.

Collecting Evidence

If you’re a fan of crime stories, true or fictional, you’ll absolutely understand why timeliness is so important in any legal case. Whether it’s a Law & Order homicide or a real-life hit-and-run accident, collecting evidence in a timely manner can make or break a case. In car accidents, for example, your lawyer may want to check local surveillance footage to see what really happened if the defendant is claiming negligence on your part in a car accident. Or, your attorney will want to speak to coworkers who witnessed your slip-and-fall accident at work while their memories are still fresh. It’s important to get this information documented accurately and quickly so the best case can be built for you.

Statutes of Limitations

While it may vary from state to state, as well as what type of injury you’ve experienced, you may need to file a case within a certain amount of time from the date the accident happened. Usually in the United States, this can range anywhere from one to six years.

This can get a little trickier when you’re building a case against a government entity. These cases, often considered Tort Claims Acts, usually need to be filed much more quickly than a typical personal injury case. An experienced legal professional will know these deadlines and be able to act quickly to get you appropriate compensation.

Get Back to Normal

The quicker you’re able to settle the case, the quicker you’re able to get back to normal. This is especially true if you need the compensation to pay for medical bills that were not covered by insurance. If your injuries were sustained after a car accident, you may also be out of a vehicle. Having that settlement sooner than later can help you afford a new car, as the party-at-fault’s insurance will not necessarily cover the full cost of the vehicle and may not even pay off your complete loan if you’re still financing it.

Ultimately, getting an attorney on your side quickly and settling the case in a timely manner will just feel good. When you’re in the middle of a legal case, there’s always that question hanging over your head of how it’ll turn out, and the quicker it can be resolved, the better it will be for you and your loved ones.

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